Information Commissioners Office and Archive Storage

April 29, 2013

If your firm needs to deal with personal information, where do you turn to for help and advice? It is your duty to make sure that your clients’ confidential data is kept in storage, but where do you go for assistance? Help is at hand from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) website.  The site offers […]

The Dangers of Not Having a Secure Document Storage Procedure

April 28, 2013

Part of Fulfilling a Public Service as an Industry Professional is Guaranteeing that Your Clients’ Documents Are Safe by Using Secure Document Storage Regardless as to whether you are a solicitor or accountant, if you hold a position of trust, it is paramount that you make sure personal information cannot enter the public domain. Secure file storage […]

Secure Destruction of Files

April 27, 2013

Secure Document Storage is a Must When it Comes to Keeping Safe Official Paperwork Archived Appropriately No-one likes the thought of just anyone having access to their private and personal papers, so it is always reassuring to know that confidential documents are being dealt with in an appropriate manner. However, professionals such as accountants and […]

Using File Storage

April 26, 2013

Companies don’t have to struggle with their old files anymore; placing them in storage gives provides more space to focus on new clients and to grow of their organisation. It promotes a high level of productivity and moves companies away from the traditional method of storage. This service facilitates a very flexible, unique, and modern twenty first century […]

Improve Your Workspace and Work Practices via Archiving

April 25, 2013

Secure File Storage – Spreading the Risk Safe file archiving can help improve the functionality and layout of your office, as well as improve security and work practices. We all store documents but rarely, if ever, consider the safety implications of if our offices were to be broken into, or if there were a fire. Many of us have […]

File Management

April 24, 2013

Paperwork is a necessary part of many offices, but it can become a burden as it stacks up. Due to the sensitive nature of these documents, storing them can become a difficult task, especially in an office environment with limited space. However, finding the right storage location for your documents may not be as difficult […]

External Document Management Helps Increase Business Productivity

April 23, 2013

External File Management Could Help You Increase Productivity in Your Company with Space Saving Solutions and Increased Efficiency When Dealing with Your Paperwork Which Could Save You Time and Money The top priority of any business is usually to increase productivity and efficiency. Everyday, companies try and come up with new ways of saving time, money, […]

Save Space, Save Time

All business owners understand that time is money, but the time you have is all down to the management and organisation of it. Staff efficiency is everything; this means being able to manage the working hours appropriately. Problems can occur when administration tasks become more of a hindrance than they are helpful. Secure document storage allows you to remove all […]

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Here at Lakeside Storage we have state of the art file archiving solutions. Our storage units can protect your confidential documents from fire and floods; de-clutter your office space simply by archiving your old paperwork while being safe in the knowledge that your documents are out of harm’s way. Rest assured, we treat your documents with complete confidentially. If, […]