Improve Your Workspace and Work Practices via Archiving

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Secure File Storage – Spreading the Risk

Safe file archiving can help improve the functionality and layout of your office, as well as improve security and work practices.

We all store documents but rarely, if ever, consider the safety implications of if our offices were to be broken into, or if there were a fire. Many of us have to store such files for legal compliance issues, but what tends to happen is that the repository grows beyond the capacity of our work space.

The other issue we forget to address is that we often put all our resources, our IT infrastructure and hard copy, under one roof. In the event of a fire or burglary, we are often left dangerously exposed if we haven’t considered external document storage.

Make the Most of Your Office Space with External File Archiving

While it may be imperative to retain documents, the reality is that you rarely, if ever, need to access them. This results in more and more space being taken up, impacting not only on the visual and practical elements of your workplace, but also on the people that work in the office.

Staff have fewer open spaces, the flow of communications across an open office is broken by filing cabinets, and storage boxes can potentially impede access; in many cases, documents are stored in inappropriate places, blocking through-ways, radiators and ventilation. Ridding offices of unnecessary boxes, files and documents through external record management allows companies to improve their workspace, not only visually and functionally, but also allows them to expand their office if they are considering increasing their headcount.

Secure External Archiving – Improve Your Work Practices

If you store all your documents in house, no doubt you will have someone employed to manage your filing system. While external record management will still need someone to champion it, there will be less administrative time needed to manage documents. On a weekly or monthly basis, the latest documents can be archived and readied to be added to the storage centre.

Misplaced and lost documents, and the time needed to find these documents, will be minimised. Documents can be accessed at any point, or be retrieved from secure storage document centres, and, that which is definitely improved: you know that all documents are in one place, not across multiple places within an office.

Storage with Lakeside Storage

If you are looking for professional filing services, Lakeside Storage offers a safe, dry, and easily accessible storage facility. Our professional services ensure that your confidential documents are safely stored, and we offer to deliver any documents you need. For more information, please browse our site for secure document storage today.