Secure Destruction of Files

Secure Document Storage London

Secure Document Storage is a Must When it Comes to Keeping Safe Official Paperwork Archived Appropriately

No-one likes the thought of just anyone having access to their private and personal papers, so it is always reassuring to know that confidential documents are being dealt with in an appropriate manner.

However, professionals such as accountants and solicitors can’t keep all their casework in their offices. They would soon be lost in a mountain of documents if they had to store all their papers themselves, which is why so many of them opt for reliable, discreet, document storage firms such as Lakeside Storage.

Staff members at Lakeside Storage truly understand the meaning of confidentiality. They offer a totally convenient premium collection and delivery service, complete storage, and even a destruction service on the instruction of their clients.

Top quality security systems are in place to ensure that all the documents are protected; professionals can be rest-assured that their confidential archived documents are not accessible to anyone or anything.

Most official paperwork needs to be kept for a set period of time just in case it needs to be referred to again, but after that point it is advisable to destroy it. Also, as many of the documents are personal and sensitive, they need to be destroyed in line with data protection. Another good reason to eradicate these documents is that, if the actual physical paperwork no longer exists, it eliminates the possibility of identity theft.

Generally, in the workplace, the timescale of document retention varies greatly according to the information in the paperwork.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) provides a comprehensive guide to the timescale on which confidential documents should retained on its website. The body also offers a checklist of statutory and recommended retention periods for various classes of personnel documents, based on legal requirements and good personnel practice.