File Management

Secure Document Storage London

Paperwork is a necessary part of many offices, but it can become a burden as it stacks up. Due to the sensitive nature of these documents, storing them can become a difficult task, especially in an office environment with limited space. However, finding the right storage location for your documents may not be as difficult as you think; Lakeside Storage offers sensitive file storage that is designed to protect the documents you need to archive, which helps keep them out of your way, yet easily accessible. There are a number of ways that Lakeside Storage meets the needs of companies with specific document storage needs. Not only this, but storing documents offsite:

  • Increases Productivity and Efficiency in Your Office. Searching for a certain document among piles or boxes of paperwork is a major hassle – and a waste of time! Chances are you employ staff who spend a significant amount of time sorting and storing documents; their time and effort could be put to much better use in other areas.
  • Will Save You Money. You may not realize the amount of money that your non-archived documents are costing you; storing documents in file cabinets or boxes in your office uses up space that could be used more productively. Some companies report that they are considering moving to a larger space simply due to the need for more room, but, simply by moving your documents off-site, you will free up space that can be used for staff, office equipment, or any other purpose.
  • Helps You Protect Important Records. When you keep documents in your office space, you risk losing them to fire, water damage, or even mildew. Paper is very susceptible to a wide range of conditions that can cause it to become damaged, and filing cabinets and closets in offices used to store documents are not ideal for long term storage. Lakeside Storage provides storage under environmentally favourable conditions, which protect your documents from becoming irretrievably damaged.
  • Protects Them from Theft. A secure file archiving facility is one of the best ways to prevent theft of documents that contain sensitive information, or data that could be used for identity theft purposes. Both you and your customers will enjoy the safety of knowing that your documents are stored in a facility that is designed to prevent theft, with security controls in place that ensures constant monitoring. Entry into the facility is carefully controlled; you don’t have to worry about who has access to your files.

Storing your documents in a secure document facility such as Lakeside Storage is a smart way to ensure that your records are safe, secure, and organized. By selecting a company that specializes in the storage of documents, your sensitive information will remain protected from the elements, as well as theft. You will find that by moving stored files out of your office, you will have more room to expand your business, and that your employees can dedicate more time to helping your company grow, rather than wasting time dealing with old paperwork. Choosing the right secure document facility is a major step toward helping your business grow and expand.